NTL Solutions The breakout of Covid-19 has changed the way society and business view cleaning and social interaction. NTL have used this opportunity to revisit the way corporate cleaning and cleaning management is done.

Companies will be more liable for employee health and wellbeing with special emphasis placed on cleanliness and hygiene . Digitizing ones cleaning solution adds checks and balances to a previously unchecked industry. 

What we

NTL along with our third party service providers will do a complete revision of the office layout singling out pain points or areas where germs and bacteria may festor.

Once these areas have been identified, QR tags will be placed in these and other strategic positions thereby forcing cleaning staff to clean and scan those tags on regular and defined intervals.

What makes us different?

Our solution is simple and easy to use. We pride ourselves in providing a digitally driven corporate cleaning solution for small, medium and large organisations. 

Our cleaning solution looks at your building landscape with the aim of remedying any shortcomings. Our primary focus is to provide a digital and technical solution aimed at ensuring employee safety and wellbeing, helping our clients extend employee safety and hygiene requirements.